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Tavernier Reg'd Great Danes Application

For Prospective Puppy Buyers

Each and every prospective puppy buyer is asked to fill out with honesty and openness, sign, and return this questionnaire. This will help me to determine whether you are suited for a Great Dane puppy, and help me determine what traits you are seeking in a Great Dane puppy.  


Please fill in your name, address, phone number, and email address on the lines listed below.  If you have a P.O. Box mailing address, please provide that IN ADDITION to your actual address where you reside. 





 Phone Number:____________________________



1.   How did you hear about Tavernier Reg’d Great Danes? 




2.   Will this be your 1st Great Dane?  ___Yes        ___No


3.   If yes, have you researched the Great Danes breed?  ___Yes    ___No


4.   What kind of research was done?  Pick all that apply.

___Website Searches

___ Friends

___ Books

___ Television

___ Movies

___ Other


5.   If no to #2, list how many, the age(s), and the registered names of each of your dogs.  Also describe how they were acquired.__________________________________________




6.   What pets do you currently own?  Please list species/breed/age and whether or not they are intact or spayed/neutered. 




7.   Please list names/species/breed of other pets you have previously owned.  Did they die?  If so, at what age and what circumstances?  Did you have to sell, place, or give them away, and if so, why?






8.   Give a brief description of your home.  ______________________




 9.   Do you own or rent your home?  _____________


10. Describe your yard.  _________________________________



11. Is your yard fenced?  _________If yes, what type of fencing and how tall?


12. List the names, ages, and relationship of those family members (or others) that live in your house.  __________________________




 13. Is everyone in your house in agreement to get a new puppy?  _____________


14. Will you agree to sign a contract that states you promise to take your puppy to at least puppy kindergarten, (or beginning obedience class) and show proof of graduation?  ___Yes    ___No


15. Will you agree to feed ONLY an ADULT formula dog food with low protein  (protein levels are listed on the bag and should be no higher than 23% protein )?  __________________ ( The puppies will start on Medi-Cal Preventative and I STRONGLY recommend you continue this food or find an equivalent food). 


16. Will you agree to follow my puppy vaccination schedule ?  ___Yes   ___No


17. Will you agree to take your Great Dane puppy to the vet whenever he/she shows signs of illness, lameness, pain, or any other problem?  ______________


18. Will you promise to keep me informed of any health or medical conditions that occur with your puppy whether good or bad?  _____________


19. Where will your puppy stay during the daytime?  _____________



20. Will someone be home with your puppy during the daytime?  If so, who? ____________________________________________




21. If your puppy must be left alone during the daytime because of work schedule, are you willing to come home mid-day for a visit or pay for a daytime insured pet sitter/walker until your puppy is 9 months old?  __________________


22. Will you agree to confine your puppy to a crate, indoor exercise pen, or puppy-proofed room so that he or she is protected from eating inanimate objects when you are not supervising him/her until he/she can be trusted?  ___Yes   ___No   


23. If you do not crate train, how will you be able to protect your puppy from getting into something he/she should not while you are not home?  ____________________________________________



24. Will you agree to not crate your puppy for any consecutive period longer than 5 hours at a time, and not to exceed a total of 10 hours in a 24-hour period? 

___Yes   ___No    If no, please explain___________________________________________________


25. Where will your puppy sleep at night?  _________________________________________________  


26. Do you agree to allow your puppy to have several short periods of playtime each and every day, and to follow my advice as to what kinds of play are appropriate and not appropriate?  __________________


27. Do you agree to never scream, yell, slap, or hit your puppy under any circumstances, unless you are yelling to prevent your puppy from immediate danger?  ___________________


28. Do you agree to take your puppy to only a group obedience class that is taught by a trainer that believes in positive reinforcement and no punishment?  ___Yes  ___No


29. Do you agree that your puppy is not to have any kind of training in guarding, attacking, fighting?  ___Yes   ___No


30. Which member of your family will be primarily involved in the training of your puppy?  _____________________________________


31. Do you agree to follow normal grooming/care of your puppy, to include regular nail trimming/grinding, teeth cleaning with a toothbrush, ear cleaning bi-weekly, brushing, and bathing only when needed?  ___Yes   ___No


32. Do you agree to not let your puppy walk, run, play on slick surfaces such as linoleum, tile flooring, ice, wood flooring on a day to day basis until he/she is 24 months of age?  And limit stair climbing to supervision only until he/she is 12 months old?  ___Yes   ___No


33. Do you agree to provide your puppy with thick, soft bedding while he/she is resting or sleeping?  ___Yes   ___No.  What kind of bedding will you use? 


34. What kind of vehicle do you drive?  ________________________________


35. Where will your puppy ride in your vehicle now and as it grows? 



36. Do you agree to never let your puppy ride in an open bed pick - up truck ?  ___Yes   ___No


37. Do you agree to take your puppy out in your neighborhood, local events, park, etc. in addition to obedience classes to socialize your puppy often until he/she is 24 months old?  ___Yes   ___No


38. Do you have a preference as to what sex & colour your puppy will be?  __Yes   ___No

Male or Female?  __________________


39. Are you wanting a puppy to keep for a pet or a show potential ? 



40. If purchasing a pet puppy, will you agree to spay your female by 8 months of age or neuter your male by 10 months of age?  _____________________ 


41. If purchasing a show potential puppy, do you agree to the terms of the health testing, training, and other requirements listed in the contract?  ___Yes   ___No


42. What kind of temperament and personality are you looking for in your puppy?  (For example, are you wanting an easy-going, laid back pup, or a more energetic pup)?  ____________________________________________________



43.  If purchasing a show potential puppy, what characteristics are most important to you in this puppy and do you have a problem with co-owning ?  Please be as detailed and specific as possible.  ____________________________________________________



44. Do you understand that by contract you will not be permitted to re-sell or place your dog without giving me first right of refusal to take the puppy back, allowing me to make arrangements to get your dog back?  ___________________  


45. Please list the name, name of practice, address, and phone number of your veterinarian. 




Do I have your permission to call and speak to your veterinarian as a reference?

      ___Yes   ___No


46. If you are out of Province or the Country, do you agree to having a possible home visit arranged (with your consent of course) from a chosen Great Dane acquaintance/fellow  GDCC member before I agree to sell you a puppy? I may ask them to bring one of their Great Danes with them so that you can see what it is like to have a full grown Great Dane in your house. ___Yes   ___No



I, ______________________________, have read and answered this questionnaire honestly and to the best of my ability.  I understand that by answering these questions I am not guaranteed to purchase a puppy or to be put on the waiting list, and that the breeder, Kerry Thorbourne, will contact me to let me know whether or not I will be accepted as a waiting list prospect. 



Signed:  _________________________________Date:  _____________


Email to:

 Or snail mail to:

 Kerry Thorbourne

Murray Harbour N.

RR#4 Montague, PE, C0A 1R0